How do you really profit from A blog Or Blogging?

         What you’ll learn:

  • DISCOVER Blog models you can copy Step by step
  • Discover Different Blog Profit blueprints and what you can earn with them
  • Best Blogging $1000,000 advice ever

How To Really Profit From Your Blog

What’s the exact step by step formula that turns your blog into a daily, weekly or monthly profit machine?

I did a lot of research lately to find out working blog profit blueprints from different corners of the web and the results were very rewarding.

If you have been hesitating on taking up blogging to make profit online you need do so no more because I have covered for you here blogging blueprints that are working right now which you can model your blog after and make the kind of profits they make

Are you ready?

Let’s do it

What we will be discussing are those effective ways you can make money with your blog so they are not tests and you are not a laboratory mouse


We know the web is full of many different ways to make cash. While the web
presents tremendous opportunity, it’s become increasingly hard to keep track of the different
blog profit models.

After some time, all the opportunities start to look the same and it’s difficult to tell what the
true differences are.
the problem is that Everybody seems to claim  that their way is “The Ultimate Money-Making Solution”.

But in order to succeed, you have to first understand what sort of business model is correct for you and the
pros and cons of each.

In this article I’m going to analyze the top three business models available online in order to help you derive the essential knowledge to make the most profitable conclusion for you blog and your  future.


3 Types of Profit Blogs Blueprints

All blogs that earn real profit online fall into 3 patterns of Profit they do either one of the following or a combination of the 3

  1. Market a “Biz Opp” or System
  2. Marketing a Marketing System
  3. Produce and Sell Your Own Product

And I’m going to show you live examples that are using these blog profit models to earn a substantial income online


Let’s look a little in depth about them one after the other


Profit Blueprint 1 –Marketing A biz-opp

There are a lot of different companies out there who give you the chance to recruit others
into the same business arrangement. This is what I refer to as a “Biz Op.” There are
numerous main sorts of a Business Opportunity.

  1. Multi-Level Marketing
    This concept is decidedly not new and chances are, you’re familiar with it. MLM has obtained
    a mediocre reputation amid some groups, as many individuals believe it’s associated with a
    pie-in-the-sky scheme. But, this bad reputation is as a result of individuals trying to sell it as something that it’s not.

That coupled with the fact that most individuals simply don’t know how to sell, which is an essential for most MLM companies—it’s incurred a bad reputation.


But, MLM is really a
pretty good business model here’s why.

In most MLM companies, you get paid in 2 basic ways:
1. You get paid a commission upon product sales. You are paid a commission if you recruit somebody into the business, by way of their product sales, or maybe a commission paid on their “start Kit”.

  1. You likewise are paid a residual revenue based upon the sales of your downline
    (individuals who are signed on underneath you). Commonly, an MLM company collects all product payments and then you get a commission on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. One facet of the MLM Business Model that may be extremely good is the passive income. Contrary to
    other business models, in MLM you’ve the
    Chance to create a passive revenue—which means even when you’re not bringing in sales
    yourself, you’re still being paid on the sales of your downliners.

Traditionally, MLM requires more time to build during the first couple of years, but then you
may start to experience a residual income that may far exceed your own sales commissions.
This means, over time, you’ve the chance to work less while still getting paid.

Direct Sales
Direct Sales has grown in fame over the last 4-5 years, particularly in the “Make Money
Online” industry. Direct Sales merely means that you get paid a direct commission from
sales that you attain.

In most Direct Sales companies, you get paid in the accompanying ways:
Commission on Product Sales

Commission is brought in when you sign somebody up in the business opportunity, the
commission commonly coming from their product buy.

In a few Direct Sales companies, you might be the one collecting the funds for product sales.
You then hold your commission up front and send in the wholesale amount to the company.

Clearly, this is one advantage of some Direct Sales companies—you are paid at once.
A few Direct Sales companies do provide a residual income as well as the up-front

But most of your revenue will come from the commissions on sales that you
personally bring in.

One major advantage of marketing a Direct Sales-type business
opportunity is that you may bring in significantly higher profits and faster than you may with
an MLM company.

On the flipside, you don’t have the long-run advantage of a substantial
residual revenue


Profit Blueprint 2– Marketing a Marketing System

This choice is one that many individuals, whether they’re in an MLM or Direct Sales
business, sell on the front-end.
Here’s how it goes:

• You drive hits to XYZ Marketing System site.
• You get somebody signed on in the Marketing System.
• Once they’re signed on, you (or your sites) present them with your business opportunity.
While this selection may work, it can likewise become exceedingly convoluted and confusing
for the prospect.

After all, what you’re basically doing is selling somebody on XYZ Marketing
System first of all, and then selling your business concern—rather than simply selling
him/her on the business concern directly.

Option 2: Sell another person’s Product
Now you may be thinking, “How is this unlike Option #1? Aren’t I selling others products in
#1?” The answer to that is uh-huh.

In Option #1, marketing a Business Opportunity /
System— you’re selling another persons products.

But what I’m mentioning specifically here
in Option #2 is the selling of the actual merchandise directly, and not the Business
Opportunity or the System.

For instance, in order to be successful at marketing a business opportunity, most of the
success and earnings develop as a result of promoting the actual opportunity, or the “story”.

The real product itself isn’t commonly the main headlining feature on the front-end. Naturally,
the products would be mentioned on the back-end, but most individuals lead with the
opportunity and not the products.

What we’re bringing up here is straight product sales. There are many primary types of
platforms to sell other peoples’ products.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is the perfect instance of selling another person’s products I did  POST about it . Here a few
examples of sorts of products you may sell as an affiliate marketer:
• Web Based Software / Tools
• Educational Products
• Training
The most perceptible advantage of selling another person’s product is that you don’t have to produce the product.

Most companies that provide affiliate programs likewise provide you
with the marketing materials you require to sell the product.

As I mentioned, you don’t have to in reality produce the product yourself.

Additionally, the
majority of individuals who allow others to earn a commission on selling their products
already have sites and marketing materials ready for you.

Profit blueprint 3- Produce and Sell Your Own Product

This choice refers to you really making your very own unique product from scratch and
selling it in the market.

For instance, if you had a unique marketing technique, you may produce your own info-product and sell it.


You may likewise allow others to sell it through an affiliate program.
While this is thought to be the height of Net Marketing success—having your own products—
this isn’t for the majority of individuals online.

That’s not to state that it can’t be accomplished—individuals do it all the time. But to
accomplish it successfully, it really takes a lot:
You should now have a deeper understanding of how the “Make Money Online” industry
functions and what the different options are to have your own internet based Business.that makes you profit



Now here ‘s how to really go about it

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Do keyword research to actually know  if  it will be profitable
  3. Validate  your  profit idea within that niche you’ve chosen
  4. Choose a successful model you can copy or study 

It could be

  •  a membership site
  • An authors blog that writes and sell ebooks
  • An author that writes physical Books which they sell on their website
  •  a blog Sell services  like graphics design,web design,
  • Buy and Sell resale rights products


Good Blog Profit Models To Copy (some models you can Model After)

Start A Membership site .what it is:

A membership program is a members-only section of your site. Usually, to gain access to this section, people must pay to join the community, which is how you earn more money while building your community.

Here’s what really makes membership websites attractive model:

Let’s say we set up our own membership website and charge a $19 monthly fee (which is competively low, but a nice round number I want to use to prove my point).

In the first month, we sell 50 memberships. That’s $1000.(If Ive done the math correctly)

In the second month, we sell another 50 memberships. That’s $1000, plus another $1000 from the 50 members from the first month. That’s $2000 total in the second month.

In the third month, we sell 100 new memberships. Now we have 200 total members, which is $4000. And so on and so forth…

Obviously, people drop out and don’t stay members forever, but still – profits can add up quickly. Setup your membership site once, and just reap the benefits month after month THATS THE DEAL.

What you need  to Apply this Blueprint;

Membership site software

Membership site idea to charge a monthly recurring payment on

Membership site models you can Copy 

Makeup Advice Membership Site

University of Makeup -Teaches members how to do makeups

Blogging Advice Membership Site

A-List Blogging Bootcamps -Gives new bloggers blogging advice and training

Now it’s your turn. What do you ROCK in? How can you sell your know-how for cash using the membership site model?


Write an Ebook

Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you are ready to create your
own products. This is where the real money is. Not only can you
market it to your own readers, but also you can allow people to sign
on as your affiliate. Other marketers will mail your offer to their lists
and post about you on their blogs.

This is another way to grow your
brand while making a lot of money at the same time.

Create books
and products that really help people and you will no doubt succeed.

Note that marketing to your list can be hands-off, to a certain extent.

You can have it set up so as soon as someone signs up to your blog,
they receive a follow-up message. From there, you can have your
autoresponder send prewritten follow-up messages that contain great
content as well as promotions.

This can be your 24/7 marketing machine. You can also send out
broadcast emails with new promotions that go out to everyone on your
list at the same time. Combine these marketing methods and you can
quickly earn a great income as a blogger.

You can sell ebooks from your blog and make profit doing it.How about writing one that details step by step a how to do a particular task.

Put That To action’s how

Right where you are there’s something you know that’s special and that can help someone solve an embarrassing problem

how about putting that knowledge into step by step  pill format that people can buy from your blog

I hear you say you are not an expert right ?

here is how to become an expert in anything

if you know something 95 % of people know and have an extra 5% know-how which 95% of the people do not know …You are already an expert

Get 3 good books on the topic

 read them all up

make sure you really understand them

make notes  from the insights you’ve gotten from the study

thats your expert 5% know -how which 95% do not have which gives you all the edge

then go a head and write your findings into an ebook. Give it some buzz on social media launch it Sell it from your blog

what you need:

  • An ebook creating guide
  • Microsoft Word 
  • and
  • any free Word to Pdf Converter to convert your finished work into pdf file format


Create and sell Courses on Your Blog

whats a course? a course is a form of training that is delivered over a period of time bit by bit

it could be about how to  Drive a car ,repair a TV,find lost dog,do split,loss weight or anything that people are willing to learn that has good search volume per month ,interest over time and some level of competition

you can deliver the course via email periodically.or you can turn the same course into online videos,shippable DVDs or mp3 Audio products that can be downloaded from your website

Offer Advertising
First, let’s talk about ways you can easily monetize the blog itself. Our
take on this is that you should only focus on building your list—no ads
plastered all over your blog. There are definitely opportunities out
there that can help you monetize and earn money fast, such as
Google’s AdSense.

This is the flip side to Adwords. Other marketers will pay Google and
their ads will show up on your website. Every time one of your blog
visitors clicks on an ad, you will get paid… usually a very small amount
of money per click. It’s much better if they click to get on your list

You’ll earn a lot more money in the long term from each site
Once your blog reaches a certain level of traffic, other marketers may
pay to advertise on it.

They can sponsor your blog for a certain
amount of time. There are even ad networks that specifically focus on
popular blogs where you can earn money based on your traffic or your
clicks. These opportunities differ depending on the niche you are in.

Make Money With Your List
As mentioned above, the very best chance for you to earn a full-time
income is to focus on building your list. This might mean not having
any visible advertising on your blog.

You’ll simply be funneling people
to your list, which is where you’ll monetize. When you get people on
your list, you’ll give them great content that helps them get to know
They’ll start to feel comfortable with you and accept your

You can then market your own products or products
of an affiliate from your list. You’ll get first-hand information on what
sells and what doesn’t.
When you chose your niche, you made sure there were plenty of
opportunities for monetization.

Whether you are going to promote
physical products or information products (digital) test and track
different promotions. As an affiliate, you’ll get a special link to mail out
to your list. In some cases, you can even earn money instantly with
this method!

Best Blogging  Profit Advice Ever

‘If you want to make profit with your blog then find someone already successful in what you want to make money with and copy their system then after you’ve gotten a firm footing modify your method with a unique spin to the original. And that makes yours original’